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VPS Offer

美国 洛杉矶18.0 $ 购买
虚拟类型 CPU 内存 Swap 硬盘 IPv4 IPv6 流量 带宽
OpenVZ21536 MB1536 MB20 GB1302000 GB1000 Mbps


RAM: 1536MB DDR3 
vSwap: 1536MB 
CPU: 2 Cores 
HDD: 20GB RAID-10 Storage 
Monthly Bandwidth: 2000GB w/ 1000Mbps Uplink 
IPv4 Space: 1 
IPv6 Space (free on request): 30 
Datacenter Location: Los Angeles, California 
Best Effort DDoS Protection Included 

+ SolusVM VPS Control Panel, OpenVZ Virtualization 
+ Full Root/SSH Access Included 
+ TUN/TAP and PPP Supported 
+ Premium Network Mix: PCCW, NTT, ChinaTelecom, Comcast, Telia, HE, GTT, and Zayo 

Price: $18/year




QuadraNet – Los Angeles, CA (US)
Network Mix: PCCW, NTT, ChinaTelecom, ChinaUnicom, Telia, GTT, and Zayo
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2607:fcd0:0:a::2
Test file: