ImpactVPS 更新时间 2017-01-07

Impact VPS is a brand of Subnet Labs LLC founded in March of 2015. Subnet Labs is based out of Mechanicsburg, PA and a registered LLC in Pennsylvania. We created this brand to bring a fresh take to the world of VPS hosting and to provide a world class service, at just a fraction of the price. We strive every day to push the boundaries of what makes virtual hosting possible.

Impact VPS is currently focused on providing Dynamic Seattle SSD Cloud servers with plans to expand to more locations in the near future.

VPS Offer

美国 西雅图24.0 $ 购买
虚拟类型 CPU 内存 Swap 硬盘 IPv4 IPv6 流量 带宽
KVM1512 MB0 MB150 GB1?600 GB10000 Mbps